Security & Safety

Know where everyone is at all times throughout a building – with centimeter-level precision

Dragonfly Computer Vision

Security cameras are everywhere, but few are watched and vast amounts of rich data is going unused. Today's video solutions are highly dependent on continuous human vigilance for real-time surveillance, behavior interpretation and post-event forensics.

  • Too many cameras and too much video to watch, analyze and store  

  • Real-time response efforts continue to fall short

  • Video mainly used for post-event replay and discarded after a short period

  • Rich person and activity information untapped

The future of security & analytics is computer vision and artificial intelligence.
Human monitoring is not scalable or feasible as thousands of petabytes of security video data is being generated daily. Even for the tiny percentage of cameras that are being watched, human monitoring is error prone and inconsistent, and subject to varying interpretation. In contrast, computer vision & AI are always-on and consistent, capture rich and powerful data, and afford super-human learning.

4Sense has developed a breakthrough AI system for recognizing human behavior in real-time.

  • Continuous person tracking throughout an indoor space or building

  • Data rich with person characteristic, clothing, body pose & activity recognition

  • Precise centimeter-level accuracy

  • Easy to setup and operate

  • Flexible for standalone or embedded solutions

We call our system Dragonfly, inspired by the most advanced visual system found in nature.

To catch mosquitos in mid-flight and at dusk when lighting is low, dragonflies have evolved multi-spectrum eyes that sense visible, infrared, ultraviolet and polarized light to detect the tiniest of movements. And extraordinarily, visual signals bypass their brain and go directly to their wings for real-time maneuvering. The result is a nature leading hunting success rate of 95%.

4Sense Dragonfly will revolutionize solutions for physical security, personal safety, IoT automation and retail analytics.


The Dragonfly system enables a new generation of service offerings based on never-before collected person behavior data. For the first time, advanced computer vision and deep learning technologies are combined into a purpose-built solution for recognizing human behavior – physical location, body pose and characteristics, and clothing – all in real-time.

Indoor Person Tracking

Dragonfly Technology

Breakthroughs in deep learning, multi-spectrum sensors and data analytics enable a new era of solutions where recognizing human characteristics and behavior in real-time are critical for quick response and long-term learning.

Working with 4Sense

If you're a customer interested in learning about our early adopter program, or if you're a partner and would like to work with us or license our technology, please contact us.