Dragonfly for Automation

How smart can automation be if it doesn't know where I am?

To tell a great story you need characters, a goal and a plot to get there. And just as importantly you need a setting. Without place and time, the full context is unknown. Same for automation and AI.  Where a person is, where they've been, and even predicting where they're headed are fundamental. 4Sense adds "who is where" contextual awareness to the digital world, making it more natural and easier to use.

Smart Buildings

Continuously track people throughout a building with centimeter-level precision. Optimize lighting and HVAC based on predictive patterns and real-time data. Even optimize elevator patterns and illuminate evacuation routes based on person location.

Workplace Design & Efficiency

Optimize building spaces and architectures based on traffic flows, natural congregation areas and points of entry and egress. Measure task efficiency and person motion workflows. Analyze office space occupancy levels and new workplace design initiatives.

Home Automation

Know where specific family members are inside your home at all times, and integrate this information with home automation systems to make them easier to use and more effective. Set preferences for specific people in specific locations. Enable automation solutions that were never before possible.

Home Safety

Know everyone's whereabouts at all times - family members, house keepers, guests and contractors. Notify parents when kids get home from school. Sound an alarm if a toddler goes outside unattended. Lock and unlock doors only for specific people and at certain times of day. The possibilities are endless.

The Dragonfly System

4Sense has developed the first AI system for recognizing human behavior through advanced computer vision.