Computer Vision Machine Learning Engineer

We're looking for a software engineer with strong expertise in computer vision and machine learning system development.  You'll join a small elite team of developers and business leaders, and work directly with our founders as a core startup member.  You can join us in South Florida, or you can work remotely from wherever you live.


What you'll be doing:

  • Help select and develop the fundamental machine learning framework and system architecture best suited for the company’s technology and solution constraints.

  • Help build robust feature extraction algorithms from hardware sensor data streams.

  • Work with hardware engineers and software developers to build complete systems.


Skills you’ll need:

  • Strong knowledge of different machine learning algorithms

  • Background in Computer Vision and Machine Learning based applications (object detection, image segmentation, scene understanding)

  • Deep Learning experience (neural network, graphical models)

  • Extracting high level logical structure from low level, multi-dimensional data.

  • Knowledge of generating features from sensor technology (e.g. visual camera, imaging LIDAR, ToF, sonar) is a plus

  • C programming skills welcome but not strictly necessary as in-depth understanding of machine-learning algorithms is more important (for example if you code in Matlab or Python we will translate and optimize)

  • Background in Voice Recognition welcome (cepstral models, speaker identification) but not required

  • Ability to succeed in a startup environment where self-direction and high, efficient throughput are critical


The founders of 4Sense have a proven track record of success in software technology and startup arenas and we’re looking for someone that’s talented and wants to join us.  We’re easy-going and flexible so we can work with you to create a right fit.  Your compensation will be based on your experience and work schedule.  If you’re interested, send us your resume or LinkedIn link to

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