Dragonfly for Retail

Who's buying and most importantly who's not?

Retailers, brands and marketing agencies have long wanted to know how their offerings perform in the physical retail space, and until today point-of-sale (POS) data was the only factual information they had. Sure it's useful to understand what's being bought, but what about the other 99% of items that's not? Did shoppers even see or consider them? On a website you can track shopper visits, how they navigate, where they spend their time, and ultimately how they convert from offers to shopping carts to sales. 4Sense Dragonfly can provide all of that rich data and more to the physical retail store. 

Shopping Patterns & Behaviors

Count and continuously track people to understand buying and selling behaviors. Identify who's buying and who's not. Know if adults are shopping alone or with kids, and measure aisle and end cap traffic, attention and durations. This isn't just a heat map, it's individual person tracking.

Brands & Advertising

Measure in-store brand impressions, durations and match to POS data for conversions. Measure the impact on store and product traffic from out-of-store advertising. And optimize in-store digital ads in real-time based on shopping patterns and purchases.

Floor Spaces

Balance standing and seating space allocation based on customer behavior and purchases. Know if people are browsing product displays or effectively utilizing areas. And modify product offers based on amounts of adult and child traffic.

Workforce Levels

Optimize workforce levels by understanding customer volume patterns in every location and throughout the year. Know when to engage with customers by measuring its impact on buying behavior. Open and close POS locations and service areas based on real-time data, and measure queue abandonment rates. 

Real Estate

Measure mall and store foot traffic. Understand where adults and children shop and spend time. Increase revenue per square foot by having data for optimal store locations based on traffic flows.

The Dragonfly System

4Sense has developed the first AI system for recognizing human behavior through advanced computer vision.