Dragonly for Security & Safety

Are all security and safety solutions the same?

All can tell if a door or window is opened, if a motion sensor detects something moving, or if there's a fire. But can they track people throughout a building or home, at all times, down to the centimeter? Can they tell if someone's standing, walking, running or lying down? Can they tell which way a person is facing or if they're an adult or child? Now they can, with 4Sense Dragonfly.

Building Security

Count and continuously track people throughout a space, floor or building with centimeter-level precision. Search for people in real-time based on features like height, hair color, and clothing. Match an anonymous person to a known identify upon authentication via badge, login, facial recognition, fingerprint or POS transaction. Easily and quickly search and analyze real-time and post-event data.

Emergency Response

Instantly know exactly where everyone is and facing inside a building or home. Know whether they are standing, sitting, running or lying prone. Distinguish between known and unknown people, and differentiate between adults, children and animals.

Workplace Safety

Track workers anonymously to ensure they are within safe areas. If someone's lying down where they shouldn't be, activate an alert. Ensure that the proper number of people are present to climb a ladder or operate machinery, or that maximum occupancy levels haven't been exceeded.

Assisted Living

Know everyone's whereabouts at all times within the facility. Send assistance if someone's moving into a specific area or if they've fallen. Measure how often people are sitting, standing, walking and lying in bed and for how long. Measure collaborative care engagements and activities.

Classroom Safety

Always know how many teachers and kids are in the classroom and if anyone has left or just arrived. Track children throughout an indoor facility. Understand traffic flows to improve processes including emergency preparedness drills, and confirm if everyone has evacuated, how long it took and which routes were used.

The Dragonfly System

4Sense has developed the first AI system for recognizing human behavior through advanced computer vision.